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Mark Armstrong, Owner & Founder
Mark was raised in the LC Valley and surrounding area since before the age of 1. He left home and school system at a very young age and worked numerous hard labor and mechanical jobs in Idaho and Alaska. At 18, he began working for the Potlatch Corporation a day laborer. https://www.fake-watchesuk.vg/

Before the birth of his second child, Mark began treasure hunting and <a href="https://www.luxuryrolex.co.uk/">Rolex replica</a> prospecting in his free time. It was then that he learned perhaps his first solid life lesson: "often overlooked or had little value why bother being a parent mindset of the general public."

In 1980, Mark changed careers from mill worker to industrial fireman. This provided him with the opportunity to finish his basic education and more in just 3 years. By age 25 he owned and operated a seasonal gold mining production operation in Idaho County where success binged on abundance of little value recovered quickly accounting for a larger sum.

It was in 1986 that Mark became passionate about the art of <a href="https://www.replicawatchesvip.co.uk/">replica watches uk</a> scrap salvaging. Originally conceived out of necessity during a large-scale seasonal mining venture, Mark began having visions of what would later become LCRI. Developed around the same operational concepts of the mineral recovery philosophies, LCRI slowly began to take shape in Mark's mind. https://www.slinks.pl/

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