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Lewis Clark Recyclers E-waste Division https://swissreplica.co.uk/?cat=10

Address: 207 Capital Street, Lewiston, ID

Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday thru Friday with <a href="https://www.wow-watch.co.uk/">replica watches uk</a> Saturday hours by request.

You're committed to "reduce, reuse, recycle". You take the time and effort to make sure that your garbage doesn't harm the earth by ending up in the landfill. But, even when you're careful, you couldn't recycle certain things - such as old cell phones, dead laptop computers, broken iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. Until now, that is!

As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, the E-waste Division of Lewis Clark Recyclers offers quality refurbished PCs pre-installed with genuine Microsoft software to small businesses and <a href="http://www.cicg.co.uk/">Chopard replica watches</a> consumers at very affordable low prices.

As part of their extensive regional recycling services, LCRI has created an E-waste division. LCRI accepts over 50 types of electronics, including:

- PC towers
- Industrial servers
- Cell phones
- Telephone & TV cables
- iPads, iPods & iPhones
- Digital video recorders
- Digital audio recorders
- Cash registers
- Mech. processors
- Network hubs & switches
- Micro processors
- Cordless telephones
- Server towers
- FM signal transponders/Receivers
- GPS units
- Digital remote control devices
- Microchips
- Multi-media storage banks
- Control modules
- Hard disk drives
- Solid state drives
- Netbooks, Notebook & Laptop computers
- Scanner/copiers
- Printers
- Fax machines
- Calculators
- Programmable logic controllers
- Solid state motor controls
- Home/Car audio equipment
- Power supplies
- Power quality devices
- Micro switches
- Telephones
- Diagnostic instruments
- VCR's
- DVD players
- Merchant card machines
- Digital thermostats
- Keyboards
- Computer mice (mouse)
- Routers
- Digital Cameras
- Modems
- Video game consoles
- Cordless power tools
- 2-way radios
- Fish finders
- Trail cams
- AV remotes
- Cable boxes
- Holiday lights
- Dry cell batteries
- Power supply cords
- AC to DC charging adaptors
- Extension cords https://www.luxuryrolex.co.uk/rolex-submariner/

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