Quick Answers

Q: What are the benefits of recycling wastepaper?

A: It empties landfills and saves trees! Paper represents over 65% of all waste generated in the home, schools, offices and <a href="https://www.vkwatches.co.uk/">Omega replica watches UK</a> most businesses. Recycling 80% of all generated waste paper reduces landfill waste by more than 45%. This means you save on disposal, prolong landfill space and reduce pressure on natural resources.

Q: What types of waste paper does Lewis Clark Recyclers accept for recycling? https://www.choosetopwatches.com/panerai-luminor-due-replica/

A: All types of paper: plain, colored, printed, stapled, glued, dyed, coated or shredded. This includes cardboard, cartons, newspaper, magazines, telephone directories, catalogs, mail and envelopes, writing and typing paper, post-it notes, computer paper, packing paper, old documents, file folders, bound records and even books. https://www.lovebreitling.com/category/breitling-aviator-8-replica/

Q: Has Lewis Clark Recyclers always accepted all types of wastepaper?

A: No, Lewis Clark Recyclers conforms to the standards and practices established and published by the Institute of Scrap Recycling every two to four years. We change as the environment changes!

Q: What types of paper does LCRI NOT accept?

A: Paper containers, boxes, plates or cups that contain remnants of food waste, blood, body fluids, animal waste, liners, wax, foil, sprayed on paint or wet residual substances. Please, NO used tissue napkin or hand towel products!

Q: How much wastepaper does Lewis Clark recyclers collect, process and ship for secondary use?

A: Over 25,482,000 pounds or 12,740 tons annually.

Q: What becomes of recycled paper once it is processed and shipped?

A: Paper processed by Lewis Clark Recyclers is used in a wide range of new manufactured paper products by various secondary industry consumers. These recycled paper applications include the following:<a href="https://www.htsa.vg/">Cartier replica watches</a>
- Cardboard and linerboard boxes
- Newspaper, magazines, catalogs & books
- Telephone and trade directories
- Paper sacks, packing and wrapping paper
- Printing and writing papers
- Tissue and hand towel products
- Hydro-seeding, blow-in insulation
- Sound proofing and ceiling tile https://www.effemensile.com/blancpain-replica/