Quick Answers

Q: What other items does LCRI recycle?
A: Metal items including: "Open" aluminum and tin beverage and food containers up to 1 gallon in size. Please remove paper labels and dispose of tin lids. NO CANS used for PAINT, FUEL, AEROSOL, PESTICIDES, HERBICIDE or EXPLOSIVES will be accepted!!!!https://www.westwatches.co.uk/tag-heuer-autavia-replica/

Q: Where can the public sell recyclable paper and cans?
A: Pacific Steel and Recycling of Lewiston, ID or Moscow Recycling of <a href="https://www.nicewatch.uk/">Omega UK replica watches</a> Moscow, ID or Spokane Recycling of Spokane, WA. Call them for price quotes.

Q: Where can the public recycle appliances bicycles, clothes and furniture?
A: The Asotin County landfill and The City of Lewiston solid waste transfer station. Sutton Salvage and Pacific Steel and Recycling accept Freon-free appliances. Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army and St.Vincent DePaul collection centers accept old clothes, housewares and furniture that still have useful life.

Q: Where or how does the public dispose of (or) recycle old automobiles, trucks and other unwanted motorized equipment?
A: Call Forrest Auto Wrecking or Sutton Salvage <a href="https://www.replicarolexs.co.uk/">Rolex UK replica watches</a>. Depending on the vintage, location and condition there may be a fee for acceptance and/or removal.

Q: Where can motor oil, paint, household hazardous waste, Antifreeze, batteries and old tires be properly disposed of or recycled?
A: City or County operated solid waste transfer stations and landfills have such facilities. Always call before you go, as different sites or facilities have different requirements.