Quick Answers

Q: How many times can items like tin, aluminum, plastic and paper be recycled?

A: Up to 20 times, depending on the base material and secondary applications.

Q: What happens to the 300,000+ gallons of used motor and gear oil generated and collected within 150 miles of Lewiston, ID each month?

A: It is picked up by various licensed companies and <a href="https://www.reprolexsales.co.uk/">cheap replica watches uk</a> then shipped to refineries to be processed for fuel oil in homes and businesses and/or to power steamship vessels.

Q: What happens to the ink and coatings removed from recycled paper?

A: In most cases, it is used as fuel in waste-to-energy cogeneration plants. It can also be disposed of in certified landfills.

Q: How long does it take to complete the circle of life for recyclable products?

A: From the time processed recyclables leave a processing facility such as LCRI, they find their way back in use as secondary products within 30 to 120 days.

Q: Why do secondary manufacturers prefer to use recycled products over consuming new resources?

A: For the same reasons you do! Recycled products take less energy, cost less to purchase, and sources of their supply are becoming more readily accessible over virgin resources. It also adds desirability to their final manufactured products.

Q: Just how big is the regional recycling industry?

A: Within an 80 mile radius of the City of Lewiston there are 16 firms involved in recycling. This accounts for more than 130 primary jobs . . . which subsequently adds over $4 million to the regional economy each year. LCRI is the largest of these companies, and we're proud of our contribution to the City of Lewiston!

Q: Just how big is the independent recycling industry in Idaho?https://www.wow-watch.co.uk/montblanc-heritage-replica/

A: According to a report released in 2000 by the Idaho Small Business Administration, there are more than 156 recycling firms in Idaho. These account for over 1,500 primary jobs in the <a href="http://www.leighit.co.uk/">cheap replica watches uk</a> state and subsequently add over 16.5 million to Idaho's annual economy.

Q: Just how big is the recycling industry in the United States?

A: According to a nationally-recognized report sponsored by the EPA in 2001, there are 56,600 recycling and reuse establishments in the US. The industry employs approximately 1.1 million people and generates a gross of $236 billion in annual revenues.

Q: Just how big is the export of recyclables to foreign countries?

A: The off-shore shipment of recyclable goods and scrap represents the largest commodity group by weight sent to foreign counties from the US.

Q: How much recyclable volume continues to end up in area landfills?
A: Over 45% of what is currently buried in area landfills could be recycled for reuse. LCRI plans to help change that.

Q: Does government regulate the recycling industry?

A: Yes. Governmental agencies including the DEQ, EPA, DOT, OSHA, local Fire and Health Departments all regulate various facets of recycling, processing, hauling and remanufacturing. This helps to ensure the ongoing protection of life, safety and environmental health.

Q: Does government support the recycling industry?

A: Our various levels of government also mandate increased recycling measures and use of recycled products for manufacturers, federal & state agencies, municipalities, school districts, their suppliers and contractors to ensure increasing levels of recycling nation wide.https://www.watchlondon.co.uk/patek-philippe-aquanaut-replica/